Is there a weight limit?

Thanks for the question, our balance ball stool has been factory tested and guaranteed for weights up to 280lbs.

What is the max height of this chair?

The Pocket Rocket height ranges from 20'"-25". We have found this to be the ideal height for anyone from 4'5" up to 6'5" Tall. Anyone over 6'5" we generally recommend a slightly larger piston for a higher seat or our standing chair model " The Tall Boy" which has a range of 27" to 37".

What is the color of the chair? What covers does it come with? How do you order alternative covers? 
Thank you for your question, our chair comes in charcoal gray and includes a free black cover free inside the box. a range of stylish color covers can also be bought separately here

Can i assemble the chair by myself? 

Please note we made this chair very easy to assemble, in fact we did partially assemble it for you already as the base plate for the pocket rocket comes screwed to the seat. All you need to do is click the rest of the parts together, no tools required and will take less than 5 min.
You can find written and video instructions for both chairs here


Exercise chart included on how to use the chair for exercise?

Currently it does not come with a chart, instead we have included a video in our instruction page https://youtu.be/SPN5l6D6G_0 . The seat of our chair is a specially designed Physio ball, whilst it is primarily designed as a chair to align your spine and keep you active whilst sitting there are also many exercises you can do with it that are great for stretching, decompressing and activating muscles during periods of extended sitting. 

These exercises are specially designed by a myofascial massage specialist to be performed with our chair. Whilst the castor wheels can restrict some exercises compared to a regular fit ball, used correctly the solid base and wheels actually allow for some additional stretches and activation work to be done that can not be done on a regular ball . We will be sure to keep adding videos with more exercises regularly. Thanks again, stay Fit! 

What are the measurements of the bottom of the stool/legs - how wide are they?
Thanks for the question, the legs are 17" wide. We made them the same width as the seat so to be sure the wheels dont protrude and become a kicking hazard. Designed to be compact & sturdy.

Is this chair returnable? The description says "This item can be returned within 30 days in most cases". Is this one of the "most cases"?

Absolutely, all our products come with an 30 day satisfaction Guarantee. Additionally we provide a 3 year manufacturer guarantee for added peace of mind, so you can be sure your chair will support you for the long run.

Where is this product manufactured?

All our products are designed and continuously improved in Australia by our team of experts. From there our team sources factories globally that can produce them to our exact specifications in both design and quality, currently our chairs are being produced and assembled in two factories in Shanghai and Guangzhou. We are also in conversations at the moment with factories in other locations, including Australia, India and even the US to expand our supplier base for our future production.