About Us


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Coreseat is about more than just a chair, it's about a way of life! We want you to do what you love and love what you do & we want you to feel healthy, happy. fit & joyfull whilst you do it!
We believe that having a happy body, happy soul, time for family and friends & doing what you love is what you were born for.
Coreseat Is a Family owned business Headed by myself Chad & my wife Nathaly. We are both passionate about finding solutions that allow people to live the life they love.

Our Mission


Our mission is to provide products and service that customers love and make a real difference in their lives.

Our aim is to create freedom in our lives and the lives of others to be able to give back to the community whilst doing work we love. Hence 20% of all profits go directly to supporting local community projects and giving people their bounce back. 


What We Do


We make stylish, functional and affordable balance ball chairs suitable for the office work environment.

Sleek design and easily adjustable, our chairs range from sitting to standing desk height and promise to make sitting related back pain a thing of the past and do away with conventional expensive ergonomic desk chairs.

Why We Do It


Traditional fit balls are to large and unsafe for work environments, they are hard to keep inflated to the correct pressure, to small for standing desks, cumbersome to carry around and just look out of place in a professional setting. 
Our chairs solve all these issues by taking the strength of a fit ball and combining with the style and functionality of high quality hydraulic office stool.
Suitable for either sitting or standing desks  with a  range of cover designs for the seat that make it suitable for any office environment.



+61 434980377