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All Muscles Stay Active Whilst Sitting

Because of the constant micro-movements and antagonism

  • All muscles stay active whilst sitting,
  • Muscles that are too weak and previously unused when sitting will strengthen,
  • Allowing the muscles that are overused and tight to relax.

Coreseat enhances your core fitness while you sit, giving you a way to maintain your fitness & stay active while you work!

Part chair and part exercise equipment, perfect for the work or home office.

  • STRENGTHEN YOUR CORE and maximize the benefits of a traditional balance ball with our sturdy ball chair! Increased circulation, constantly working your core, and supporting your back and shoulders, all combined with the practicality of an office chair. Our yoga ball chair lets you get work done in a fun, functional way that manages to be good for you. This stability ball office chair lets you work your muscles while sitting. 
  • MAKE YOUR BALL CHAIR FIT YOU! Our fitness ball chair is incredibly customizable and can be adjusted to fit virtually any size. Whether you prefer a firmer chair or want to sink into it, you can adjust the inflation of our yoga ball office chair to fit to your preferences. Want to change the look of your exercise chair? Use one of our lycra covers to customize your fitness ball office chair even further and really make it your own!
  • TRUSTWORTHY DURABILITY. We want you to trust our stand up desk chair so we designed it using top-of-the-line materials that can be put to constant use. The high-quality chrome base of the chair supports up to 280 pounds, and the ball itself is designed with an 18 inch anti-burst plastic BOSU balance ball. This chair has been thoroughly tested and comes with a full 3 year warranty, so you can be sure it will support you for the long run!

Active Sitting - True Support

Comfort to the core

Coreseat chairs develops your core by providing movement and positive instability. The process of balancing on a ball-shaped surface becomes a reminder to engage your core that not only helps you sit comfortably, but also helps you concentrate and supports better posture and balance.



Tech Specs

Chair Height Range  27" to 37"
Suitable for Standing desks
Height range 5' - 7'
Secure pump holder Yes
Foot rest Yes
Seat diameter 17"
3 Year Warranty Yes